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We trust that you have returned to school refreshed and ready to tackle the new academic year. No? Neither have we. However, we are excited to announce our programme of support for this academic year.

We currently have over 400 subscribers to our Research School across 150 schools and academies. This year, it is our intention to consolidate and build this community for the benefit of all the students under your care.

Our role as educational leaders is to improve the performance and effectiveness of those we lead. As educators we must strive to positively impact upon the learning of every student in our care. As your local Research School, we are looking forward to working with you and your colleagues to promote, develop and implement evidence-based practice.

With this goal in mind, our core programme for this year covers three key areas: Leading Learning, Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning and Key Stage 2/3 Maths.


Leading Learning: Supporting Leadership in Maximising the Impact of CPD

Improving the quality of teaching in the classroom has the biggest impact on student outcomes. To do this, at a time when resources are being stretched, we need to improve the quality of our Continuing Professional Development. This innovative programme provides a comprehensive overview of the most important research evidence in education, including the EEF toolkit, so that school leaders can devise a high impact CPD program.

Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning

Metacognition is a vast and multi-faceted area of pedagogy which holds huge promise for improving teaching and learning but can be difficult to implement.  This training programme will aim to demystify metacognition and self-regulated learning and make it useful for teachers, by unpicking the guidance report’s seven practical and evidence-based recommendations.

Key Stage 2/3 Maths: Using Evidence to Transform Practice

Good subject knowledge is paramount to quality mathematics teaching, but this, by itself, is not sufficient. Excellent teachers also know the ways in which pupils learn mathematics and the difficulties they are likely to encounter. This training programme focuses on how mathematics can be most effectively taught. Translating evidence into high impact classroom practice.

Click here to learn more about the courses we are offering.

Further to the above core offering, we will be hosting a series of twilight sessions across our community during this academic year. The focus of these will be decided through consultation with you via our social media platforms. If your school would like to host one of these sessions, please contact us.

Posted on 10 September 2018
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