Innovation Funding: ‘Live marking’ Project

30 November 2017

Following on from Bishop Challinor Catholic College sharing their success in the first round of Innovation Funding we asked another successful bidder, The Westward Academy to explain their idea of using ‘live marking’. Darren Walkerdine, the Head of Science shares the story…

‘We applied for the IEE grant to evaluate whether using live marking in lessons had an impact on pupil progress in Science. The principle for teaching staff was to improve marking load in lesson time and to solve pupil misconceptions faster.

What has happened to date in the project?
An action plan was written before beginning the project, which had recommended time frames and actions attributed to members of staff. The staff involved with the project were asked to provide information about marking and frequency of marking methodologies, through a questionnaire. The members of staff involved have been trained on the live marking strategy and provided with relevant educational resources.

The pupils were baseline tested using a Science Progress Test from GL Assessment which provides initial data on pupils, which will be compared with a similar test at the end of the course, and will therefore provide a basis for calculating effect sizes. There are two classes in Year 8 and 9 that are undertaking the intervention and two classes which are a control group.

Quality assurance of intervention is monitored through lesson observations, feedback to staff, work scrutiny and pupil voice.’

The project is well underway and we will be returning to Darren for an update in the summer.  Meanwhile, the advice that he would share for those thinking of applying in the next round of Innovation Funding, opening in January:

Top Three Tips!
1. Plan in detail each stage of the project, identifying who is involved and why.
2. Before applying for the Innovation Grant, formulating the correct research question takes time, so plan for this!
3. Consider also the impact the intervention will have on staff in the short and long term.

Posted on 30 November 2017
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